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Our domes are the highest quality domes, made in USA on highly automated equipment employing the best thermoforming technology and the best raw materials available. We stock a wide variety of domes that will fit most of the popular dome cameras sold since 1998.

Because we manufacture our domes in the USA, we can even make custom domes on demand for older systems or for any other application requiring a dome. We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Free shipping within the continental USA is standard for all domes smaller than 12 inches (300 mm) diameter.


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Many people assume that plastic is plastic, but saying that all plastic is the same is much like saying that all wood is the same or that all metal is the same. Replacement Domes primarily uses two different types of transparent polymers (clear plastics). Each polymer has different properties, different benefits and drawbacks, and are generally used for different applications. There are several other transparent polymeres avalable in the industry...Click here to read the full article


You need a replacement dome and you’ve got questions. You’ve come to the right place. Forming substrate plastic into high-quality optical domes that are designed to protect cameras is a precision science that many people may not fully understand. Here are answers to the most common questions customers ask about replacement domes.

NOVUS Plastic Polish & Cleaners can be purchased directly from their website at www.novuspolish.com. They offer a variety of polishers for all plastics dependent on each plastic cleaning need. Instructions for how to properly clean using this product is listed on their website as well. ... Click here to read the full article